Introducing Pearsceuticals AG

We are a Swiss company, based in Hergiswil, in the canton of Nidwalden. We specialise in pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. We use our own formulas to develop new, original products focusing on dermatology, paediatrics and gynaecology. We plan to continue expanding our existing pipeline, which is why we are actively involved in negotiations concerning acquisitions of interesting, including niche products.

Our aim is to market high-quality value-added products that we develop in collaboration with doctors and pharmacists. We then produce them in accordance with the GMP standards, including cosmetic products.

An equally important part of our business is ensuring quality production. We collaborate with FAGRON, a major firm. Fagron is the leading global pharmaceutical compounding company, bringing customized pharmaceutical care to hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and patients in 32 countries worldwide. Products are constantly checked by laboratories responsible for the quality of pharmaceutical production and distribution. Our entire range of nutritional supplements and cosmetics is based on premium, carefully selected pharmaceutical quality raw materials.

We are therefore prepared to enter demanding markets abroad. In international marketing and sales we work with NEXTFORCE a.s., as a global exclusive distributor, which has many years’ experience in contractual cooperation in sales and marketing for leading global firms such as Galderma, La Corium, Sinclair. Alliance Pharma

We actively want to cooperate with distribution partners not only in Europe, but also on other markets: in the USA, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. We are prepared to offer our partners marketing support for the product portfolio, in the form of the standard marketing materials, including strategic analyses and modern digital tools for communicating with doctors and pharmacists as clients as well as with end customers.