Uxitol10® Silkhand

Uxitol10® Silkhand is a medicinal cosmetic product with unique formula to relieve discomfort of cracked, dry and rough skin on hands and palms, alternatively on elbows and knees.

It contains 10 % urea in a highly concentrated, moisturizing, softening and nourishing base.

Uxitol10® Silkhand was specifically designed to soften and hydrate dry and cracked skin. Enforcing and speeds-up desquamation process of death skin cells, which helps to regenerate the damaged skin even faster and stay longer smooth and silky.

The balm base is very pleasant to use, non-greasy, non-sticky, pleasant and convenient to apply daily. Use as an acute cracked-skin-helper as well as a preventive-care-manager.

Uxitol10® acts extremely fast – visible improvement is usually observed during the second day of application.

Uxitol10® Silkhand is suitable for normal daily care to people of any age.

The individual ingredients in Uxitol® have been tested in various trials for efficacy and safety, and the product is registered in the EU as a cosmetic under CPNP No: 3136494