AcneUP® Cleanser

AcneUP® is an innovative brand of medical cosmetics, created for the comprehensive care of compromised skin suffering from acne. The unique combination of ingredients suppresses and soothes the visible manifestations of acne (blackheads, red pimples, inflamed pustules) in the long term, has a synergistic effect on both inflammatory and non-inflammatory forms of acne, and is also suitable for the prevention of their formation or development. For daily use.

The best results in acne therapy or in the care of compromised skin on the face, décolleté, shoulders or back, are achieved with gentle but consistent and regular cleansing. However, the skin cleanser must always be complementary to the dermatological treatment, friendly to apply and safe for regular use - both by adults and teenagers.

AcneUP® Clenser has the texture of a mild emulsion and can be used without rinsing with water.

Soap-free, Paraben-free, Alcohol-free.

It leaves the skin clear, soft and gentle – ready for application of active gel or prescribed topical products.

The individual ingredients in AcneUP® have been tested in various trials for efficacy and safety, and the product is registered in the EU as a cosmetic under CPNP No: 4024898