ZITENAX® cream-paste

ZITENAX® cream-paste is topical preparative indicated to relieve dyscomfort and sympthoms related to diaper rash (nappy rash) in infants as well as in adult patients and seniors.

Its action is local and it may be administered several times a day, espetially when there is higher risk of diaper rash development.

ZITENAX® cream-paste brings innovative approach to diaper rash treatment with: 

  • next level composition formula
  • minimal number of ingredients
  • unique technology of pharmaceutical constitution
  • patient convenient packaging

This makes ZITENAX® cream-paste a first-in-new generation of safe and effective topical preparatives for diaper rash.

Zitenax® single ingredients efficacy and safety have been tested in different trials. The clinical survey for ZCHX001NF are available as a part of confidential information.

Zitenax® cream-paste is registered in the EU as cosmetic product under CPNP No: 2116398