Dexilip HERP

Dexilip® HERP

Dexilip® HERP is unique, pleasant and nature based medicinal cosmetic treatment, covering and beneficial in all stages of cold sore outbreak (herpes labialis).

The composition is based mostly on plant extracts with empirical efficacy, which was as well confirmed by various trials and studies, to ensure targeting each symptoma of herpes labialis. Crucial is the proven anti-viral activity (HSV-1), anti-inflamatory activity, analgesic activity, soothing and emollient properties and therefore speeding-up the whole healing process.

The drug form - GEL - forms an invisible and flexible film when applied to the lip, which allows patient speak, eat, smile.. The application is very pleasant – with lovely smell and taste.

Does not contain any alcohol or sugar.

Dexilip HERP is suitable for adults, teenagers and kids from 6y of age.


Dexilip® HERP is registered in the EU as a cosmetic product under CPNP No: 3196044